Itec Global has been trusted with numerous projects worldwide, with quality of training and equipment being a prerequisite.

Ghana September 2018

Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) equipment supplied to 100 Junior High Schools, this includes simple chalkboards to chemicals and glassware, to robots and ICT equipment.

Ghana August 2018

Itec Global trained a team of science and maths teacher trainers, who in turn trained 200 Science and Maths Teachers from Junior High Schools across Ghana in Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) pedagogies and equipment usage. This model creates a sustainable training model for Ghana to build on.

Ghana 2016-2018

Secondary Education Improvement Project (SEIP), Upgrading teaching skills in science and maths pedagogies, and providing training in mentoring and assessment training to support Senior High Schools.

Ghana 2015-2016

Science Resource Centre Training for 100 schools.

Zimbabwe 2013-2014

Science Kits for ZimScience.

Ghana 2010-2014

Science Resource Centre.

Oman 2010

Ministry of Education Teacher Training Programme.
Physics teacher training workshop.

Kenya 2009

Donation of Equipment to UK-Kenyan School Exchange Programme.
UK exchange teacher training demonstrating ITEC’s donated XL Dataloggers.