Itec Global will assess your current science and technology teaching, content and strategy, and offer bespoke, strategic advice and planning in curriculum development, teacher training, equipment lists, and equipment procurement, to help you realise your vision.

  • Specialising in sustainable solutions for your country, using of local resources and solutions that are considerate to the country’s beliefs, cultures and customs
  • Assessing and updating curriculum content for each subject in line with national objectives and assessments

On Site Training

Itec Global will support and advise on all aspects of training for science, maths and technology subjects, for all ages ranges in your educational system.

  • Practical, investigative teacher and technician development and training
  • ICT and software training
  • Training your trainers to support the country or institution in the future
  • Development of teachers worksheets and manuals
  • Training in your labs for experiences your teachers can actually use

Equipment Procurement and Supply

Itec Global will procure, deliver and install bespoke science, maths and ICT equipment for your project.  The products are of the highest technological quality to ensure value for money.  We take care of logistics, shipping and delivery.

Our experienced installation engineers work in the in-country to ensure correct installation and commissioning.

Project Management

Itec Global seeks to understand and realise the vision for your country’s education system We do the hard work for you and provide complete solutions to your educational needs.